Photoshoot for Molly at Westonbirt Arboretum

Wow! I don’t think the winter colours get better than this at the magical Westonbirt Arboretum. It is one of my favourite outdoor locations for a photoshoot in the Cotswolds, and never fails to amaze me what a variety of images you can capture there. It is such a relaxed and informal place to meet for a family photoshoot with little ones. Molly was an absolute dream and really enjoyed us entertaining her behind the camera, to ensure we caught her beautiful smile! Such a lovely family! “The gallery is absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much. x”

molly-1 molly-2 molly-3 molly-4 molly-5 molly-6 molly-7 molly-8 molly-9 molly-10 molly-11 molly-12 molly-13 molly-14 molly-15 molly-16 molly-17 molly-18 molly-19 molly-20 molly-21 molly-22 molly-23 molly-24 molly-25 molly-26 molly-27 molly-28 molly-29 molly-30 molly-31 molly-32 molly-33 molly-34 molly-35 molly-36 molly-37 molly-38 molly-39 molly-40 molly-41 molly-42 molly-43 molly-44 molly-45 molly-46 molly-47 molly-48 molly-49 molly-50 molly-51 molly-52 molly-53 molly-54 molly-55 molly-56 molly-57 molly-58 molly-59 molly-60 molly-61 molly-62 molly-63 molly-64 molly-65 molly-66 molly-67 molly-68 molly-69 molly-70 molly-71 molly-72 molly-73 molly-74 molly-75 molly-76 molly-77 molly-78 molly-79 molly-80 molly-81 molly-82 molly-83 molly-84 molly-85

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