Photoshoot for Freddie & Mabel

What a beautiful family photoshoot! I was really pleased to be asked to take some photographs of Freddie and his baby sister Mabel, at their home in Devizes. We also managed to get a few family shots outside before Freddie was ready for some lunch! Here are some from the photoshoot. “They are brilliant, thank you so much. The colours are fab and some of the ones of Freddie are amazing…little poser!”
Freddie & Mabel-44 Freddie & Mabel-48 Freddie & Mabel-51 Freddie & Mabel-51 Freddie & Mabel-10 Freddie & Mabel-12 Freddie & Mabel-13 Freddie & Mabel-15 Freddie & Mabel-16 Freddie & Mabel-17 Freddie & Mabel-21 Freddie & Mabel-22 Freddie & Mabel-23 Freddie & Mabel-24 Freddie & Mabel-25 Freddie & Mabel-26 Freddie & Mabel-28 Freddie & Mabel-29 Freddie & Mabel-32 Freddie & Mabel-33 Freddie & Mabel-34 Freddie & Mabel-38 Freddie & Mabel-39 Freddie & Mabel-40 Freddie & Mabel-42 Freddie & Mabel-43 Freddie & Mabel-45 Freddie & Mabel-46 Freddie & Mabel-47 Freddie & Mabel-49 Freddie & Mabel-50 Freddie & Mabel-52 Freddie & Mabel-54 Freddie & Mabel-55 Freddie & Mabel-60 Freddie & Mabel-61 Freddie & Mabel-62 Freddie & Mabel-63 Freddie & Mabel-64

Freddie & Mabel-51Freddie & Mabel-51

Freddie & Mabel-51

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