Photoshoot for Molly, Amber & George in Minchinhampton

Sisters Molly and Amber, now have a baby brother called George and he is gorgeous! This is my third photoshoot with the lovely Stokes family, all two years apart, and it is wonderful to capture some more family time for them. The girls were on top form, smiling away and even helping to entertain George in front of the camera. “Really really pleased with the photos. You’ve done a sterling job, again. Thank you. We’re going to go for a DVD of all them please. I think this could be a regular thing now. The girls love you! We were looking at the photos you’ve taken over the years tonight on our kitchen wall. Seems to be a consistent 2 year gap each time. I love a good tradition. Thanks again.”


Stokes Family-1 Stokes Family-5 Stokes Family-4 Stokes Family-3 Stokes Family-2 Stokes Family-14 Stokes Family-13 Stokes Family-12 Stokes Family-10 Stokes Family-9 Stokes Family-8 Stokes Family-6 Stokes Family-24 Stokes Family-23 Stokes Family-22 Stokes Family-21 Stokes Family-20 Stokes Family-19 Stokes Family-18 Stokes Family-16 Stokes Family-15 Stokes Family-33 Stokes Family-31 Stokes Family-30 Stokes Family-29 Stokes Family-28 Stokes Family-27 Stokes Family-26 Stokes Family-25 Stokes Family-42 Stokes Family-41 Stokes Family-40 Stokes Family-39 Stokes Family-38 Stokes Family-37 Stokes Family-36 Stokes Family-35 Stokes Family-34 Stokes Family-51 Stokes Family-50 Stokes Family-49 Stokes Family-48 Stokes Family-47 Stokes Family-46 Stokes Family-45 Stokes Family-44 Stokes Family-43 Stokes Family-60 Stokes Family-59 Stokes Family-58 Stokes Family-57 Stokes Family-56 Stokes Family-55 Stokes Family-54 Stokes Family-53 Stokes Family-52 Stokes Family-69 Stokes Family-68 Stokes Family-67 Stokes Family-66 Stokes Family-65 Stokes Family-64 Stokes Family-63 Stokes Family-62 Stokes Family-61 Stokes Family-78 Stokes Family-77 Stokes Family-76 Stokes Family-75 Stokes Family-74 Stokes Family-73 Stokes Family-72 Stokes Family-71 Stokes Family-70 Stokes Family-87 Stokes Family-86 Stokes Family-85 Stokes Family-84 Stokes Family-83 Stokes Family-82 Stokes Family-81 Stokes Family-80

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