Photoshoot for Barnaby

Meet Barnaby! Barnaby and his parents came over to mine for their photoshoot, so we did a mixture of some indoor and outdoor shots. Barnaby was inquisitive of my camera and by looking contently down the lens has resulted in some beautiful portrait shots. Even though he is not always smiling in all of them, they are so innocent and magical, with his big blue eyes and fluffy hair, a very huggable and exciting stage to capture as they start to turn from baby to toddler! Sometimes a simple family walk and a rug in the garden can make some lovely, relaxed photographs to look back and reflect on, in such a busy whirlwind time of your life as first parents! We all need to just stop sometimes and treasure the everyday with our fast growing baby. Barnaby-76 Barnaby-75 Barnaby-74 Barnaby-73 Barnaby-72 Barnaby-71 Barnaby-70 Barnaby-69 Barnaby-68 Barnaby-67 Barnaby-66 Barnaby-65 Barnaby-64 Barnaby-63 Barnaby-62 Barnaby-56 Barnaby-52 Barnaby-51 Barnaby-49 Barnaby-48 Barnaby-47 Barnaby-46 Barnaby-44 Barnaby-42 Barnaby-40 Barnaby-39 Barnaby-38 Barnaby-37 Barnaby-36 Barnaby-34 Barnaby-33 Barnaby-32 Barnaby-31 Barnaby-30 Barnaby-29 Barnaby-28 Barnaby-27 Barnaby-25 Barnaby-22 Barnaby-21 Barnaby-20 Barnaby-19 Barnaby-17 Barnaby-16 Barnaby-15 Barnaby-14 Barnaby-13 Barnaby-12 Barnaby-11 Barnaby-8 Barnaby-7 Barnaby-6 Barnaby-4 Barnaby-3 Barnaby-2 Barnaby-86 Barnaby-85 Barnaby-84 Barnaby-83 Barnaby-82 Barnaby-80 Barnaby-79 Barnaby-78


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