Photoshoot for Barnaby in Blunsdon

This photoshoot was a gift voucher purchased by Barnaby’s grandmother, to celebrate her daughter-in-law’s 30th birthday! I met Sarah and Richard and baby Barnaby at their family home in Blunsdon, to take some relaxed, informal photographs of them together. We seemed to have timed it just right, as Barnaby was such a happy chap and smiled his way through it all! I used a pretty silver birch tree in their garden to help frame some family shots and their sitting room glass doors let in lots of natural light, which together with an off camera flashgun and a white rug have created some bright, happy portraits.

Barnaby-10 Barnaby-9 Barnaby-8 Barnaby-7 Barnaby-6 Barnaby-5 Barnaby-4 Barnaby-3 Barnaby-2 Barnaby-21 Barnaby-20 Barnaby-18 Barnaby-17 Barnaby-16 Barnaby-15 Barnaby-14 Barnaby-13 Barnaby-12 Barnaby-11 Barnaby-31 Barnaby-30 Barnaby-29 Barnaby-28 Barnaby-27 Barnaby-26 Barnaby-22 Barnaby-42 Barnaby-41 Barnaby-39 Barnaby-38 Barnaby-37 Barnaby-36 Barnaby-35 Barnaby-34 Barnaby-33 Barnaby-32 Barnaby-52 Barnaby-51 Barnaby-49 Barnaby-48 Barnaby-47 Barnaby-46 Barnaby-45 Barnaby-62 Barnaby-61 Barnaby-60 Barnaby-59 Barnaby-58 Barnaby-56 Barnaby-55 Barnaby-54 Barnaby-53 Barnaby-68 Barnaby-67 Barnaby-66 Barnaby-65 Barnaby-64 Barnaby-63

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