Photoshoot for Anushka

Gorgeous baby Anushka! It took a couple of visits to get these smiley photographs but it was worth it! “Dear Molly, thank you for the beautiful photos of Anushka, we were so pleased with them, as were her grandparents. You really captured some lovely moments and smiles. Special thanks for coming back a second time for the photo shoot as Anushka was so upset the day of the first shoot and not giving any smiles! You were very patient and understanding. We hope you will be able to photograph her as she grows in years to come. Best wishes.”

Anushka - home

Anushka-3 Anushka-4 Anushka-6 Anushka-5 Anushka-7 Anushka-8 Anushka-9 Anushka-10 Anushka-11 Anushka-12 Anushka-13 Anushka-15 Anushka-21 Anushka-19 Anushka-18

Anushka-30 Anushka-31 Anushka-33 Anushka-34 Anushka-37 Anushka-50 Anushka-49 Anushka-47 Anushka-46 Anushka-45 Anushka-44 Anushka-43 Anushka-41 Anushka-40 Anushka-61 Anushka-59 Anushka-57 Anushka-56 Anushka-55 Anushka-54 Anushka-53 Anushka-52 Anushka-51


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