Photoshoot for Alfie at Westonbirt Arboretum

Here are some of the photos from a beautiful shoot at Westonbirt Arboretum with lovely, happy boy Alfie, who smiled the entire time! Alfie’s mum Dawn was great fun and helped entertain Alfie behind the camera so I could capture things naturally. Dawn’s employer bought her the Forget me not photography voucher as a gift for her maternity leave, so lets hope they enjoy seeing the results too! “The photos are great, love them all! It was a good choice to have the photoshoot at Westonbirt Arboretum, lovely place and Alfie had fun. Big thanks to Molly, I love her style of photography and she is a lovely lady :-) I can’t wait to get my photos up on the wall at home! I would recommend her to friends and family.”

alfie-57 alfie-58 alfie-59 alfie-60 alfie-61 alfie-62 alfie-57 alfie-56 alfie-54 alfie-53 alfie-52 alfie-51 alfie-49 alfie-47 alfie-46 alfie-45 alfie-44 alfie-41 alfie-40 alfie-38 alfie-37 alfie-35 alfie-34 alfie-33 alfie-30 alfie-29 alfie-27 alfie-25 alfie-24 alfie-23 alfie-20 alfie-19 alfie-13 alfie-12 alfie-11 alfie-10 alfie-9 alfie-8 alfie-7 alfie-6 alfie-3 alfie-2 alfie-1


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