Photoshoot for Albert in Didmartin

Gorgeous Albert! Collecting apples and leaves, chasing chickens and a family dog walk in lovely October sunshine for today’s photoshoot. The light was pouring through the trees and Albert was busy sorting out the pumpkins ready for halloween at their family home in Didmartin. I had a great time chatting and getting to know parents, Jessica and Mike and also Albert’s Auntie, Kelly, who had bought them all the Forget me not photography gift voucher. “The photos are so amazing! We love them so much! Thank you so much for coming over and taking such lovely pictures of Albert; and I agree you wouldn’t even know he was going down with a virus! Which he has fully recovered from and back to his normal self! We have decided we would actually like to purchase all the photos. We love all of them and it’s so hard to choose!”

albert-1 albert-9 albert-5 albert-4 albert-2 albert-18 albert-17 albert-16 albert-15 albert-13 albert-12 albert-11 albert-10 albert-27 albert-26 albert-25 albert-24 albert-23 albert-22 albert-21 albert-20 albert-19 albert-36 albert-35 albert-34 albert-33 albert-32 albert-31 albert-30 albert-29 albert-28 albert-45 albert-44 albert-43 albert-42 albert-41 albert-40 albert-39 albert-38 albert-37 albert-54 albert-53 albert-52 albert-51 albert-50 albert-49 albert-48 albert-47 albert-46 albert-64 albert-62 albert-61 albert-60 albert-59 albert-58 albert-57 albert-56 albert-55 albert-73 albert-72 albert-71 albert-70 albert-69 albert-68 albert-67 albert-66 albert-65 albert-82 albert-81 albert-80 albert-79 albert-78 albert-77 albert-75 albert-91 albert-89 albert-88 albert-87 albert-86 albert-85 albert-84 albert-83 albert-100 albert-99 albert-98 albert-97 albert-96 albert-95 albert-94 albert-93 albert-92 albert-109 albert-108 albert-107 albert-106 albert-105 albert-104 albert-103 albert-102 albert-101 albert-118 albert-117

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